exploring the need and options for replacing RemoteWare

RemoteWare: End of Life

RemoteWare has been an effective operational data transfer solution for widely distributed business organisations since it was introduced in the late 1980s.

Despite its long-term success and widespread adoption, RemoteWare is now an aged solution with legacy architecture.

Since SAP took ownership of RemoteWare (along with the acquisition of Sybase in 2011), RemoteWare has lost its product roadmap, product engineering and new license sales have ceased. In April 2017, SAP formalised their position by announcing the End of Life for both engineering and support for RemoteWare as of July 2018.

The announcement leaves little time for existing RemoteWare customers to find and implement a replacement before they are left without product support, maintenance updates, or the ability to acquire new licenses.

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RemoteWare's ability to provide automated bidirectional movement of critical data between corporate offices and distributed locations such as stores, hotels, and warehouses has been relied upon in many of these organisations for 20 years or longer.

During this time the use of RemoteWare has expanded far beyond its traditional store-polling roots and is now being leveraged for a variety of key business processes including the movement of employee records, inventory information, training materials, and the distribution of software. RemoteWare's value has been further enhanced by the flexibility visibility and auditability provided by its inherent process automation and detailed logging capabilities.

Device/endpoint management products

Transaction/middleware technologies

POS/store application extensions

What are the options?

Every RemoteWare environment is unique, from its integrated processes and products to its types of activities.

Weighing the current functions delivered by RemoteWare, the following are commonly considered options:

Custom/internally-developed solutions

RemoteWare replacement product offerings

RemoteWare: End-of-Life examines the alternative methods for performing functions currently offered by RemoteWare.

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